5 reasons to work on your Leadership skills as a Changemaker

leadership skills for social innovators

Why Changemakers need Leadership skills?

Worldwide, more and more people recognize the potential of Social Entrepreneurship to change how we tackle social and environmental problems.

In parallel, we see an increasing number of individuals who feel unfulfilled in traditional corporate careers, and grab the opportunity of changing their lives while having a positive impact on the lives of others, and become what is now commonly called “Changemakers”.

When a gap (social and environmental challenges) meets an opportunity (fulfilling career need), it’s a recipe for success, right?!

Well, almost.

Because you see, while there are more and more aspiring impact-entrepreneurs, most of us still have been educated in a system designed to train future employees (like it was amazingly outlined in the latest Prince EA viral video that hit over 1 million views!).

The symptoms of poor leadership

And so, when global citizens(like you and me) launch our own social business, we’re very likely to experience :

– feeling overwhelmed

– not knowing what direction to take

– taking action without always seeing the expected result

What if the reason why was : we fill our “to do lists” with tons of ACTIONS (launching a website, forming a team, applying to grants, starting a blog, gaining momentum on social media, designing our next product or service), and not enough REFLECTION ?!

The root causes of poor leadership

In school, we’ve been trained to do. To be part of a productive workforce.

That’s why we feel so good when taking action again and again.

In school, we haven’t learn how to think outside the box. How to design a mid and long term vision. How to create an engaging company culture. How to lead ourselves independently.

That’s why we can feel quite lost when having to take a direction (and stick to it).

One trap that many early stage changemakers fall into, is that they are impatient to see results and start taking action without building their Leadership potential first.

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The foundation of your success

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the foundation of your success for creating lasting and impactful social change is NOT the tools you learn and use, your idea, the readiness of the market, or even your business model…

The foundation for your success, it’s YOU!To build a super impactful social enterprise, YOU need to effectively lead others, and yourself!

Put a great idea into the hands of a poor leader, and it will fail. Put an average idea into the hands of a great leader, and it will thrive.

The 5 reasons to reinforce your leadership skills

If that is your case, here are 5 reasons for you to start working on your Leadership skills :

Reason # 1 – Leadership will increase your impact.

As Warren Bennis says, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”. In other words, if you have big impact dreams, you need leadership to make that a reality.

Reason # 2 – Leadership will increase your productivity.

We often think Leadership is about leading others when it’s actually also about leading ourselves. No more procrastination, improving your leadership will help you take the right actions and stay persistent until you reach the desired outcome.

Reason # 3 – Leadership will help you attract your tribe.

Once you know how to lead yourself successfully and start having positive results, more and more like-minded people will be attracted by your initiative. This will be instrumental to scale your impact

Reason # 4 – Leadership will make your entrepreneurial journey (way) more enjoyable.

Imagine working without stress, knowing everything is on track and that the actions you take will bring the results you planned. Save yourself from burn-out, build your leadership skills !

Reason # 5 – Leadership can always be strengthen

There is no such thing as a natural leader. Every human being (including you!) can work on its leadership. Unlike other skills that can be mastered once and for all, leadership is like a muscle: the more you work on it, the stronger it becomes. And it can improve continuously, no matter your level of success so far!

UNESCO Leadership skills programme for Changemakers

Last but not least : an invitation !

If you want to take a step back from your entrepreneurial journey and start building your leadership skills, I invite you to register for Leadership for Change, a free video series starting on October 14th.

Designed especially for Changemakers, it outlines step-by-step the key foundations of Leadership and will help you take action to strengthen your leadership muscle !

See the intro video + sign up details here: