Change Makers

Arun’s EFI is a humble step towards creating a harmonious environment

Arun Krishnamoorthy spent his childhood in the suburbs of a large metropolis. He felt the bliss of enjoying time in the abundant natural habitats around the city. The city grew with him with rapid urbanization taking its toll on the beauty of the natural habitats.

He recollects, “I was blessed with abundant natural habitats around. As my city grew, so did our problems. From water to air pollution my entire neighborhood changed in 5 years. Having seen the better side of nature, I could not let it rot in human greed. Hence, I started volunteering towards environment conservation efforts. I feel passionately about India & her environment.”

His passion towards environment conservation led him to start Environmentalist Foundation of India, commonly abbreviated as EFI. Based out of Chennai, EFI is a wildlife conservation and habitat restoration group working towards real time and result oriented environment conservation projects. A group of self motivated volunteers works passionately with EFI for India and her environment.

Care for nature


EFI basically aims to reiterate that environment conservation is vital and cannot be ignored at any cost. Talking about EFI, Arun says, “We are a self funded not for profit environment conservation group. We focus on Human Resource and Time as investment. We adopt suburban communities and work towards restoring the natural habitats in the region. This helps us reach to people across all classes of life.”

Till date, EFI has been instrumental in cleaning over 39 lakes and 17 ponds across India, and aims to increase the number in the coming years. He continues, “We have been volunteering for the last 8 years in cleaning over 39 lakes and 17 ponds across India. We have been continuously engaging volunteers and are proud to be change makers in complex conditions.”

According to Arun, “Environment conservation is for mankind to continue to live on the face of this planet; we all share the common responsibility of working towards a harmonious environment for all life forms.”