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Take Your Social Enterprise To The Peak of Success By Challenging The Business Model Canvas
Every successful venture has a strategic plan behind it just as a successful enterprise has a well-mapped business model canvas behind its success. Today, it’s all about innovation, breaking the stereotypes, and challenging the established norms. And having an innovative business model canvas can reach your enterprise to new heights of achievement and success. So What Is A Business Model Canvas (BMC)? The business model canvas( BMC) was born out…
8 Tips To Help You Pitch Your Ideas To Investors (Social Entrepreneurship)
Changing the world isn’t an easy task. It is a recipe where a lot of ingredients have to go in so that the end result is sweet. Social entrepreneurs and social impact startups embark on their journey to transform the world for the better, and since their mission usually has more than one bottom line, they are open to any kind of help that can get them going. Having a…
Unleash the curious explorer in you : Foldscope (Social Entrepreneur)
Will you believe it if I say that you can have a microscope in your hands right now, that too in less than a dollar? Will you believe it if I say that you carry it around in your pocket? Or does all of this sound too incredible, too good to be true? Hold your breath people for all of it is true! Behold the Foldscope – world’s first ever…
Investment Tips for Millennials (Social Entrepreneurs)
Millennials – people who were born in the 1980s or 1990s – like to “live in the moment”. In today’s fast-paced world, a large part of the crowd, usually youngsters, tend to be so indulged in the present that they completely forget about the future. But the irony is that tomorrow is bound to come and that is when we will find ourselves to be in a pickle. The truth…
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Mahatma Gandhi : The finest embodiment of social entrepreneurship
  “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” -M. K. Gandhi The job of an entrepreneur is not an easy one. It has its own requirements, ranging from risk taking to decision making. He is basically a one-man army having to gamble with all the odds alone and deploy his forces to the task at hand. Now amplify this already huge responsibility by attaching a…
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Inspirational Quotes for Social Entrepreneurs.
What’s more efficient than social entrepreneurship to spread the word for a good cause, to change the world for the better? And what’s better than the words of social entrepreneurs to motivate us? Words have immense power to light a spark within us, to make us smile, to make us think, and most importantly to inspire us to action. Keeping this in mind here’s dedicating to all readers out there,…
facebooks free online courses become better storyteller
Today Facebook is the leading social networking platform with over 1.4 billion global users at present. It has become a name that everyone in the world is familiar with. We’ve all been using it to make ourselves known to the world by creating our profiles, by posting our photos, by posting statuses, liking pages, following people and what not. But do you know that Facebook is so much more than…
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Let Books Be Your Guide to the World of Social Entrepreneurship
The job of a Social entrepreneur is a tough one. It requires a lot of hard work, patience, persistence and constant motivation. Thus, today’s article is dedicated to all the young aspirants looking for some motivation to help them further their good cause. Below listed are the names of some of the most resourceful books that a budding social entrepreneur can look up to for guidance and inspiration. 1.Muhammad Yunus’…
Be A Storyteller – Transform The World, One Story At A Time. ( social entrepreneur)
Stories are the best vehicles to transfer ideas, enliven the thought process, and change one’s outlook on things. Thus, it is no doubt that storytelling can prove to be the greatest tool of social change and social impact. In fact, storytelling is a wildly popular trend now. It’s the secret ingredient to a successful business venture, the key to strengthening the organizational culture, the means to acquire support for advocacy…
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Best Academic Institutions Pioneering the way for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation
Our world is becoming the hub of problems by the day, calling out to its denizens to step up and take action for its betterment. The ones who actually step up are none but ‘Social Entrepreneurs’ who strive and act to deplete the sorrows of our world. Social entrepreneurship is rapidly gaining momentum and is increasingly becoming a magnet attracting more and more creative young minds towards it. To help…
Unicef innovation fund
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UNICEF Innovation Fund: Sponsoring Innovations to Improve the Lives of Children Around The Globe
The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is a United Nations program that functions to provide humanitarian assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. It has stepped up again to the good cause by launching the UNICEF Innovation Fund. The Innovation Fund is a venture that makes investments in open source solutions, technology startups and emerging markets bearing the promise and potential to improve the lives of children all around…
Women’s Safety XPRIZE
Do you have the X-Factor in you?
Anu & Naveen Jain’s XPRIZE is now in India: Doesn’t it feel good to have someone or some exciting reason to push us to test our limits? I bet it does. Most people have it in them to do wonders, they just lack the proper encouragement and provocation to act for it. But worry not for there is  XPRIZE to provide the right amount of impetus for those creative minds…