Unleash the curious explorer in you : Foldscope (Social Entrepreneur)
Will you believe it if I say that you can have a microscope in your hands right now, that too in less than a dollar? Will you believe it if I say that you carry it around in your pocket? Or does all of this sound too incredible, too good to be true? Hold your breath people for all of it is true! Behold the Foldscope – world’s first ever…
Unicef innovation fund
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UNICEF Innovation Fund: Sponsoring Innovations to Improve the Lives of Children Around The Globe
The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is a United Nations program that functions to provide humanitarian assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. It has stepped up again to the good cause by launching the UNICEF Innovation Fund. The Innovation Fund is a venture that makes investments in open source solutions, technology startups and emerging markets bearing the promise and potential to improve the lives of children all around…
Project loon by Google
Google’s Project Loon offers internet for everyone with balloons
Balloon-powered Internet with Google’s project Loon in rural/urban areas: Google’s Project Loon aims to provide internet access to everyone on the planet through a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space. The primary objective is to provide connectivity to rural and remote areas and help people get back online in disaster-hit sites. How Google’s Project loon works with balloons: These helium-Úlled balloons are 15 meters in diameter and run…
The next big thing for sustainable development is out there, in your pocket!
So, you have your very own grassroots project? You wish to trigger social activity in your community? Better still, you want to encourage others to join you in your venture and mostly be heard? If yes, good news awaits you right inside your pocket! The United Nations in partnership with GSMA and Project Everyone has all your answers. GSM association works on the mobile industry and represents mobile operators around…
GRID games for social change
GRID uses power of games to bring in social change
How Mariam Adil started GRID games a social venture? Mariam Adil is passionate about solving difficult problems. In her words, “I aspire to find new ways to solve difficult problems and a good challenge usually takes me from a big fat grin to a focused frown back to a big fat grin.” And it’s out of her passion and pure commitment towards bringing in a social change, she founded GRID,…
Eyesense AI app by ID Labs
EyeSense aims and works for ‘a better daily life experience for everybody’
Joanna says Eyesense was started with a mission to add value Indeed, EyeSense is an ‘Eye On The World’, as its tagline says. It is a venture that started with strong but simple mission of adding value to everyday life of people through innovative tech solutions. ‘A better life for everybody. Seriously, we aim to add value to everyday life for all people impacted by our solutions and innovative technologies,’…
The ‘Change’ is Sajid Iqbal’s humble step to solve energy crisis
Sajid Iqbal, the young social entrepreneur from Dhaka, believes simplicity is the best solution to meet any mega crisis. His venture ‘Change’ is a humble step to solve the energy crisis through green innovations. The venture, along with his other firm Banglar Shakthi Ltd, is focused on developing and manufacturing low cost solar irrigation pumps, purifiers, and lights for the off-grid areas. In Sajid’s words, “From Change we develop affordable…
A video game for children recognizes ADHD
Patients suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) often have a problematic perception of time. Based on that fact, PhD student Pongpanote Gongsook from Thailand made a video game for young children, in which their time perception is measured without them noticing. It turns out that in almost nine out of ten cases, this video game called Timo’s Adventure, recognizes players with ADHD. Timo is a robot who likes space…
Video games against malaria: learning through play
Do you love to tap bubbles and get information against malaria? It is now possible with MalariaSpot Bubbles, an online game that was launched on April 25, International Day against malaria. Players analyze real images of parasites in order to differentiate between the five species of parasites that cause malaria. And they do it while playing shooting mosquitoes and bubbles. It is an application to learn playing while contributing to…