The ‘Change’ is Sajid Iqbal’s humble step to solve energy crisis

Sajid Iqbal, the young social entrepreneur from Dhaka, believes simplicity is the best solution to meet any mega crisis. His venture ‘Change’ is a humble step to solve the energy crisis through green innovations.

The venture, along with his other firm Banglar Shakthi Ltd, is focused on developing and manufacturing low cost solar irrigation pumps, purifiers, and lights for the off-grid areas. In Sajid’s words, “From Change we develop affordable and adaptable local solutions. Onwards we sell the potential solutions in social business model from Banglar Shaki ltd. (Social Business) to reach the vulnerable group of people. “

Apart from leading the social business ventures, Banglar Shakthi Ltd and Change, Sajid Iqbal works as a consultant to the Sustainable Energy for Development project of GIZ, and to the Trade in Global Value Chains Initiative funded by DFID – UK Department for International Development. Iqbal is also a TEDx speaker and alumnus of International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) of the U.S. Department of State.

The Change


Change is a youth-led development agency working in the field of green innovations, research on renewable energy, water security and social business development. Speaking about the venture, Sajid says, “We involve youths directly with our projects and activities which help them to develop confidence, improve project management capacity and nurture creativity. Since September, 2012 CHANGE has been working with various national and international development cooperation and acquired goodwill by implementing project successfully.”

CHANGE is also the global partner of Liter of Light which is working in more than 37 countries promoting low cost affordable lighting solutions. It is closely associated with the activities of GIZ, US Embassy, DFID, Good Planet Belgium, North South University, among many other educational institutions.

Sajid continues, “Our main mission is to address social and environmental crisis with locally adaptable and affordable ideas. Our vision is to strengthen local capacity and innovations to address challenges in a sustainable manner. We strongly believe simplicity could be the best solution to meet any mega crisis.”