Creating Business Leaders of Tomorrow: Social Business Youth Alliance Global

SBYA Global is a youth initiative that aims to create social business leaders of tomorrow through training, mentor ship and incubation support. Based out of Dhaka- Bangladesh, SBYA Global has successfully completed three years since its inception and continues to inspire thousands of young individuals around the globe towards social business.

The operational model of SBYA Global includes three steps namely creating awareness, initiating movement and establishing the Launchpad. As part of creating awareness and enhancing knowledge, holistic learning methods about social business academia are provided through training, workshop and ideation programs.

SBYA Global partners with different national and foreign universities to provide workshops to enhance awareness among youth about social business through its program Social Business Innovision.

They also conduct, Social Business Champ, a social business competition for university students of Bangladesh to ideate and innovate their own social business ideas. Winners get awarded by Professor Muhammad Yunus and can also get access to SBYA Global’s existing network of investors.

Founder Speaks

Entrepreneurship is work in progress all the time, according to Shazeeb M. Khaurul Islam, the young entrepreneur who spearheads Social Business Youth Alliance Global (SBYA Global). It is his vision of creating a poverty-free world where young people take initiatives to solve social problems that motivated him to start SBYA Global.


Shazeeb has drawn inspiration from his life to do things that would create a social impact in the society. In his words, “I grew amid a lot of challenges and adversities. I loathed the archaic culture of winning at the expense of others. Since childhood I have believed in win-win—winning at your work while helping people win over their disadvantage is the best feeling one could have. That’s what draws me to social business. Social business is all about creating social change in a sustainable manner. If I can change even one life or the collective economy of a small community, it makes my success all the more valuable and worth experiencing.”

Here is a gem of advice from Shazeeb for every young entrepreneur, “Never give up and never take no for an answer. Being an entrepreneur requires determination of the highest degree. There are so many pitfalls in the road to success. It’s work in progress all the time. But if you want to achieve something great, you need to keep going no matter what.”

Apply for the Youth Summit


Social Business Youth Summit (SBYS), conducted by SBYA Global every year, acts as a platform for the youth to interact with the most intrigued and knowledgeable persons of Social Business.

SBYS is designed after professional conferences held at the global level, aiming to impart a wide view of what social business is, what can be some sustainable solutions for some of the pressing societal problems of today and also showcase new social business entrepreneurs alongside market leaders.

For registering for SBYS 2016, the leading youth forum on social business, log on to www.sbys.info