EyeSense aims and works for ‘a better daily life experience for everybody’

Eyesense AI app by ID Labs

Joanna says Eyesense was started with a mission to add value

Indeed, EyeSense is an ‘Eye On The World’, as its tagline says. It is a venture that started with strong but simple mission of adding value to everyday life of people through innovative tech solutions. ‘A better life for everybody. Seriously, we aim to add value to everyday life for all people impacted by our solutions and innovative technologies,’ explains Joanna, one among three co-founders of EyeSense.

EyeSense was created by ID Labs Art & Technology, a company that provides a wide range of creative solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, computer vision technology, interactive marketing and holographic projection.

In Joanna’s words, “Recently, ID Labs has been transforming into a startup studio where we have been focusing on ideas that can benefit the society through our technologies. EyeSense is the first project created with this concept in mind and is now a new, start-up company that provides an AI application that uses a deep-learning-based computer vision to recognize objects, familiar faces and some facial features – like smiles and winks – with no need for an internet connection.”

EyeSense was formed when three young passionate founders Joanna Marczak, Ahmed El Mahmoudy and Amr El Mahmoudy joined with the same passion. Ahmed and Amr are founders of ID Labs; Joanna has known them for almost five years. She says, “We work together because we share the same vision on what we want to achieve.”

Ahmed is a Creative Director and Technology Expert, with diverse experience in computer science, diplomacy, and marketing. Joanna as a language polyglot shares her passion for creative environments, traveling and human interaction. Her professional background is related to linguistics, marketing and retail. She is a Communications Manager at ID Labs while being the Co-founder of EyeSense. Amr is passionate about health and lifestyle innovation and he is also the founder of Supernutritions and Co-founder of ID Labs and EyeSense.

Features of Eyesense AI app:

The design philosophy of EyeSense is simple which the team values as their biggest achievement. Joanna says, “The core of EyeSense, and we feel our biggest contribution so far, is its concept which can be summed up as a personal assistant solution that can be trained to recognize the user’s personal items, identify familiar faces of your relatives or friends and some basic facial expressions like smiles or winks. Many new interesting app features are coming soon for advanced object detection and for indoor/outdoor navigation.

The application provides a real value for blind and visually impaired individuals, in addition to those who have mild cognitive impairment, including memory, language and thinking skill. And let’s not forget about healthy people with memory distortions. Memory problems are fairly common and may affect many of us, at any age. Studies show that by age 85 roughly 50% of people have some form of memory loss. We are planning to develop EyeSense as the ultimate personal assistant for people with special needs by offering them a basis for enhancing the social inclusion and more independence which is strongly linked to well-being and confidence.”