facebooks free online courses become better storyteller

Today Facebook is the leading social networking platform with over 1.4 billion global users at present. It has become a name that everyone in the world is familiar with. We’ve all been using it to make ourselves known to the world by creating our profiles, by posting our photos, by posting statuses, liking pages, following people and what not. But do you know that Facebook is so much more than that? Facebook offers free online courses that can help to change the face of journalism for the better.

Facebook blueprint is a platform that offers an array of self-paced eLearning courses, with each course having been designed in keeping with the three core pillars of journalism: discovering content, creating stories and building an audience. Furthermore, every single module imbibes the choicest practices and guidelines, along with inspirational case studies featuring journalists who have used Facebook successfully to suit their needs. To get started, all you will need is a Facebook account and link it to Exceed LMS, the third-party learning management system that powers Blueprint.

The courses designed to equip journalists with better skills are listed under the category of ‘Publisher Tools’.  They are:

Engaging Storytelling with Instant Articles

Instant Articles help publishers to efficiently reach and engage mobile audiences on Facebook by delivering speedy, immersive experiences. This course focuses on teaching how Instant Articles work, from the innovative storytelling tools to production to measuring traffic and engagement. Through this 15 minutes course individuals will get to learn:

  • How to engage and monetize their audiences by delivering fast, rich reading experiences by deploying Instant Articles.
  • How Instant Articles works, requiring no new investment in production or measuring tools.

How Journalists Can Best Utilize Facebook and Instagram

This course has been specially designed to teach journalists the best possible use of Facebook and Instagram to discover and distribute content, actively engage with their audience, and take the requisite safety measures to ensure their information is secure. This course of 15 minutes has been designed to teach:

  • How one can access the content he/she needs, and successfully transform that content into stories.
  • How one can interact and engage with one’s audience.

Immersive Storytelling with 360 Photo and Video

Facebook 360 is a medium that offers a stunning and captivating way for immersive storytelling. In this 15 minutes course, individuals can learn how to use 360 photos and videos to share stories, places, and experiences with their audience and also:

  • How Facebook 360 is different from Virtual Reality (VR).
  • Look at possible recommendations for producing 360 creative materials, and see some inspiring examples.

Connect and engage with your audience using Facebook Live

Facebook live is an easy way for anyone who wants to broadcast anything to the world, right as it happens. Through this course one can learn how to use it to interact with one’s viewers in real time, attract attention for his/her work and more. This module requires 18 minutes of time investment and individuals get to:

  • Learn how one can start his/her own broadcast, whether it’s through one’s Facebook mobile app or the Live API.
  • See the different ways public figures across industries have leveraged Facebook Live.

With so many opportunities that Facebook is providing through its online courses, that too free of any cost, journalists can utilize this untapped resource to empower themselves better. In addition to these courses, Face book blueprint has a wide range of courses in marketing and advertising, designed to help small businesses, agencies, advertisers and anyone interested in marketing more effectively on Facebook.