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Guilherme Braga’s venture Egalite ensures equal job opportunities for the disabled

The word ‘egalite’, which holds a rich history after being one of the mottos of French Revolution, stands for equality. Guilherme Braga, Brazilian social entrepreneur and innovator who spearheads Egalite Special Human Resources, strongly believes that social justice becomes a reality only when there is equality of opportunities for everyone, including those with disabilities. He finds his biggest satisfaction in helping people with disabilities and ensuring equal job opportunities for them.

Starting Egalite

Guilherme was working as a trainee in the export department of a big company in Brazil and being prepared to become manager of the particular area. Those days he thought of becoming a successful executive and he was indeed climbing the career ladder in a fast pace. However, he was strong enough to realise that he was not happy with the career progress even though he was earning a good sum and travelling around the world. He wanted to help people rather than getting great results in his job.

When he left his day job as an executive in an export firm in 2009 to pursue his dream, little was he aware that he was about to set a trend, a trend that would trigger confidence in disabled people till date. Certainly this qualifies him as a social innovator without question.

“After quitting my job to pursue my real dream,” Guilherme says, “the last 6 years of my life, I dedicated myself to creating and growing a business that could help to make this world a better place and the result is the most amazing thing I built: Egalite.”

Egalite model

The problem that Egalite aims to solve is to provide equal opportunities for people with disabilities. According to Brazilian law, every company is supposed to occupy 2% to 5% of disabled employees, provided the company has employee strength of more than hundred. Understanding the challenge most companies face to find qualified disabled people, Guilherme launched Egalite Special Human Resources in 2010.

He says, “The human resource departments of companies have always struggled to get disabled people aboard. And even if they did manage to get them, they would often find them not qualified or trained. This is where Egalite comes to action.”

Egalite connects the employee with the employer through an online recruitment platform, which evaluates the behavioural profile and e-learning education fully adapted for persons with disabilities.

The founder explains, “According to a study by the Senate in 2010, the major problems in the field include difficulties in locating PWD, failure of HR Management, low level qualification of PWD, and prejudiced mindsets. Egalite is a solution to all the mentioned challenges. We make it easy for HR companies to find clients anywhere in Brazil through our software. Lack of knowledge about disabilities is another major challenge which we address through workshops, lecture, and courses in the e-learning platform for human resources area and managers. Moreover, to increase the educational qualification of people with disabilities, we developed an e-learning platform that provides course for free for people with disabilities, qualifying them before entering the labour market.”

Today, Egalite is one of the largest job placement companies in Brazil exclusively focused on disabled persons. The company has already helped 2500 people with disabilities to find a job.