Google’s Project Loon offers internet for everyone with balloons

Project loon by Google

Balloon-powered Internet with Google’s project Loon in rural/urban areas:

Google’s Project Loon aims to provide internet access to everyone on the planet through a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space. The primary objective is to provide connectivity to rural and remote areas and help people get back online in disaster-hit sites.

Project loon by google for Internet

How Google’s Project loon works with balloons:

These helium-Úlled balloons are 15 meters in diameter and run on solar power . They drift through the stratosphere connecting to ground stations on Earth via antennae and can provide internet access to an area of over 1200 square kilometers. Technicians can maneuver these balloons and Air TrafÚc Control can keep a track of their location via GPS.

Video on Google’s Project loon:

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