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Litterati’s way of “crowdsource-cleaning” for a litter-free planet

‘Individually you can make a difference, but, together we can create an impact,’ is a profound thought that leads Jeff Kirschner and his social venture Litterati. Here is how Jeff tries to create an impact together and aim for a litter-free planet.

Indeed, litter is everywhere. Soda cans, plastic bags, and cigarette busts is a challenge and threatening to the planet and Literatti community addresses it in a viable way by introducing a model of ‘one piece of litter at a time.’

In Jeff’s words, “Litterati is a community that’s “crowdsource-cleaning” the planet, one piece at a time. We have designed a mobile application that anyone can use to identify, map, and catalog each piece of litter.

Through that process, we’re empowering individuals to become part of the solution, while collaboratively building a Global Database of Litter. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a citizen scientist, whether you live in New York or Norway, Litterati is something we can all be part of.”

Litterati works through a mobile application. Anyone can join the community and quickly become a part of the solution, according to its founder.  The venture is based out of Oakland, California.

Jeff, a serial entrepreneur in his early 40’s, went for a back pack trip for one year around the world which later motivated him to venture on the project. He says,that was the most valuable thing I’ve done with my life because it opened my eyes to the problems we face on a global scale, and in many ways led to Litterati.”


Litterati has active communities in more than 100 countries which include US, Australia, Germany, Canada etc.

The biggest achievement, as Jeff puts it, is, “Our biggest venture achievement — creating a community that’s cleaning the planet one piece at a time.”

“However, coming to the biggest obstacle, when you’re trying to tackle one of the world’s most complex problems, change takes time. At the end of the day, we’re trying to connect people to their environment and take pride in their community.”