The next big thing for sustainable development is out there, in your pocket!

So, you have your very own grassroots project? You wish to trigger social activity in your community? Better still, you want to encourage others to join you in your venture and mostly be heard?

If yes, good news awaits you right inside your pocket! The United Nations in partnership with GSMA and Project Everyone has all your answers. GSM association works on the mobile industry and represents mobile operators around the globe and Project Everyone is a non- profit campaign. The UN and its collaborators have recently launched what they call ‘The Sustainable Development Goals in Action mobile application, in short SDGs in Action. It’s an ordinary application like any other, but with extraordinary visions. The application provides a global platform where organizations, governments, and even individuals can jointly implement the visions and promises of the SDGs.

On September 25th 2015, a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by the Member States to eradicate poverty, safeguard the planet and ensure social prosperity for all. However, this new sustainable development agenda requires participation from actors of all walks of life: governments, public and private industries, civil society, and individuals like you and I. In order to combat the challenges of modern times, a collective participation is mandatory and that is exactly why the intervention of the application is so timely.

Detailed information on the Goals is provided in the app, including future targets, statistics, data, illustrative videos and guidelines for social actions. Apart from that, fun animations and films by Project Everyone are incorporated, including interactive videos by filmmaker Richard Curtis using our beloved character ‘Mr. Bean’ in the animation ‘The World’s Largest Lesson’, introduced by Emma Watson.

The app uses an entertaining and easy approach to connect all social actors, in order to achieve goals that go beyond ink and paper. The accomplishment of the Goals requires a lot of effort and support because the issues being dealt with are women’s and children’s health, gender equality, sustainable business, research, climate change and disaster relief among many others. Hence, the UN sought the cooperation of the mobile industry GSMA in this regard with the belief that the latter can play a crucial role in the advancement of the Goals in this era of technology.

The application is dynamic and contains features like finding nearby events, sharing, scoring, receiving notifications and news on sustainable development and new data on different issues. Users can as well create their own actions and share them on a global forum! Time to download, tap, innovate, aid, spread and collaborate! (You never know when your action will receive a million shares)