seif Awards: recognising the social value off our young enterprises

292 social entrepreneurs from 65 countries participated in the annual international competition for social entrepreneurship organized by seif, where the final four winners out of the 10 high-performing finalists were awarded 10,000 Swiss francs each at a ceremony on the 6 October at the Volkshaus Zurich with more than 200 people attending.

The German company Green City Solutions received the seif Award for Future Trends enabled in collaboration with PwC .To do so this start-up has developed the CityTree, a 3m high structure made out of moss that has the same effect of 275 trees. CityTrees are already in Dresden, HongKong and Berlin’s central station. The Jury members praised Green City Solutions’ innovative product and its great environmental and business potential and hope to see a CityTree in Switzerland and many other countries soon too.

The second seif award of the night for Prevention and Integration by SUVA went to the Swiss company Stuward, which has developed a support platform for those family members who care for dementia patients. Dementia is often referred to as the “family disease” due to the psychological and social pressure family members of those suffering from dementia experience when caring for them. Stuward’s platform offers them space where to get information, share experience and receive mentoring support to deal with these problems. Its focus on the important yet often forgotten effects of dementia on the family members impressed the Jury, which considers it a remarkable innovative perspective into the health sector that can add value to other diseases too.

Carbon Delta received the seif Award for Entrepreneurial Innovation supported by UBS. The Swiss Fintech company uses scientifically based projections to calculate the financial risks of climate change associated with companies and investment opportunities.The Jury wanted to recognize this company’s ability to make “numbers speak” and to put a topic as important as climate change on the table in areas and sectors where it would not be otherwise.

The final seif Award for Social Entrepreneurship went to MoSan, who the Jury saw in the company’s dry mobile toilet as a simple but highly effective solution for the millions of people who still lack the adequate sanitation conditions and those in refugee camps and other emergency situations, as well as to issues around safety concerns and the prevention of diseases related to the lack of toilets.

Finally, the Jury members granted the Special Mention Award to the Bernese company ChobaChoba, a company with a unique approach to selling high-quality chocolate: to do so directly from the farmers to the buyers through an online portal bypassing any intermediate, and involving the cocoa farmers in the managing of the company.