Unleash the curious explorer in you : Foldscope (Social Entrepreneur)
Will you believe it if I say that you can have a microscope in your hands right now, that too in less than a dollar? Will you believe it if I say that you carry it around in your pocket? Or does all of this sound too incredible, too good to be true? Hold your breath people for all of it is true! Behold the Foldscope – world’s first ever…
Unicef innovation fund
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UNICEF Innovation Fund: Sponsoring Innovations to Improve the Lives of Children Around The Globe
The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is a United Nations program that functions to provide humanitarian assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. It has stepped up again to the good cause by launching the UNICEF Innovation Fund. The Innovation Fund is a venture that makes investments in open source solutions, technology startups and emerging markets bearing the promise and potential to improve the lives of children all around…
SADS social venture
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SADS enables non-monetary donations at your door-step
Story of SADS Social venture founded by Anushka Jain Share At Door Step (SADS) is a For-Profit Social Venture that provides doorstep donation pickup for non-monetary donations and partners with brands for cause marketing initiatives. Anushka Jain, the founder of the venture, shares with Social Enablers her inspiration, journey and vision. Rising up Anushka was born into a middle-class Indian family in which her parents had humble aspirations of their daughter…
A Child Actress Dressed As A Poor And Rich Girl. Here’s How Strangers Reacted
A 6-year-old kid actress who dressed up as an abandoned impoverished girl was treated so poorly when she hit the streets that the social experiment had to be known as off. Even so, the filmmakers managed to drive residence the point they hoped to share. Underserved kids about the planet face significantly a lot more dire futures than their wealthier counterparts, a new UNICEF report concluded. The video was released…