Change Makers
Devika Malik aims to empower physically challenged people through Wheeling Happiness
Best friends can turn as co-founders of a venture over the time. But rarely will you find a mother and daughter being the co-founders of a social start-up.  “Wheeling Happiness”, founded by Deepa Malik and her daughter Devika Malik is a source of inspiration for all. Wheel of happiness Wheeling Happiness works on enhancing the emotional health of people who face physical and social challenges in India. Based out of…
Change Makers
Guilherme Braga’s venture Egalite ensures equal job opportunities for the disabled
The word ‘egalite’, which holds a rich history after being one of the mottos of French Revolution, stands for equality. Guilherme Braga, Brazilian social entrepreneur and innovator who spearheads Egalite Special Human Resources, strongly believes that social justice becomes a reality only when there is equality of opportunities for everyone, including those with disabilities. He finds his biggest satisfaction in helping people with disabilities and ensuring equal job opportunities for…