Change Makers
Siam Organic ensures better living for farmers in Thailand
Here is an inspirational quote from Pornthida Wongphatharakul for all aspiring social entrepreneurs “Life of a social entrepreneur is incredibly difficult. It challenges every possible limit of us, physically, emotionally and spiritually. But it gives us the greatest joy in life.” On a further note, she says, “When we see the smiles on the farmers’ faces, we realize what a privilege we have to live a life of happiness and…
Change Makers
Why waste food ? when you can give it to others
Yes, why to waste food when you can give it to others? With this very thought, Swarochish Goswami, the young Entrepreneur from Canada started FoodShare an iOS and Android application, that connects households, events, stores and restaurants having leftover and excess food with people in need of a more affordable and accessible food option along with other items like beer. Indeed leftover food is a problem which every house, restaurant…