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Virtualahan helps home-based working professionals to find opportunities in social sector
Ryan Gersava,founder of Virtualahan had a goal in mind since he started working as a medical technician in a hospital. It was nothing else, but to provide access to job opportunities for Filipinos, especially to those people who are marginalized due to their medical condition, disability or former lifestyle, for example, drug addicts. Virtualahan, the social enterprise, was an answer to it. Virtual assistance Virtualahan is a combination of the…
Video games against malaria: learning through play
Do you love to tap bubbles and get information against malaria? It is now possible with MalariaSpot Bubbles, an online game that was launched on April 25, International Day against malaria. Players analyze real images of parasites in order to differentiate between the five species of parasites that cause malaria. And they do it while playing shooting mosquitoes and bubbles. It is an application to learn playing while contributing to…