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Things To Keep In Mind When You Are A Social Entrepreneur
Social entrepreneurship is the fusion of entrepreneurship with social impact, to be precise. So, it’s like having the burden and responsibility of two jobs at once. Herein lies the tricky part. The focus of a social entrepreneur cannot just be inclined to any one side of the job, but it needs to find a balance between both the ends – ‘social’ and ‘entrepreneurship’. This balance is what many fail to…
How Can We Unleash The Youth Power To Further The Mission Of Sustainable Development?
By now we’ve all heard of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations that were adopted by 193 of its member states. Be it the UN or the world leaders, the dream is one- to build a sustainable world that’ll be able to nourish all of its denizens. But the important question is, who will realize this dream and how? No matter how many organizations and leaders are…
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Inspirational Quotes for Social Entrepreneurs.
What’s more efficient than social entrepreneurship to spread the word for a good cause, to change the world for the better? And what’s better than the words of social entrepreneurs to motivate us? Words have immense power to light a spark within us, to make us smile, to make us think, and most importantly to inspire us to action. Keeping this in mind here’s dedicating to all readers out there,…
Be A Storyteller – Transform The World, One Story At A Time. ( social entrepreneur)
Stories are the best vehicles to transfer ideas, enliven the thought process, and change one’s outlook on things. Thus, it is no doubt that storytelling can prove to be the greatest tool of social change and social impact. In fact, storytelling is a wildly popular trend now. It’s the secret ingredient to a successful business venture, the key to strengthening the organizational culture, the means to acquire support for advocacy…
SADS social venture
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SADS enables non-monetary donations at your door-step
Story of SADS Social venture founded by Anushka Jain Share At Door Step (SADS) is a For-Profit Social Venture that provides doorstep donation pickup for non-monetary donations and partners with brands for cause marketing initiatives. Anushka Jain, the founder of the venture, shares with Social Enablers her inspiration, journey and vision. Rising up Anushka was born into a middle-class Indian family in which her parents had humble aspirations of their daughter…
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The Call For Change : Social Entrepreneurship
What is Social entrepreneurship? The world we live in is a fast paced world and everyone here is engaged in a rat race for survival. The irony is that, while the developed countries are gaining more prosperity, the less developed sectors are still lagging behind troubled with manifold problems such as poverty, hunger, illiteracy, to name a few. But why should prosperity touch only the developed societies and why should…
Movember prostate cancer
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Say ‘MO’ to prostate cancer: The ‘Movember’ Project
Movember foundation to raise awareness against Men’s health issues: We’re all familiar with the conventional saying “ Charity begins at home”, but what I’m going to talk about today is the unconventional start of an incredible journey of AdamGarone of Australia, the CEO of the Movember Foundation. The word ‘Mo’ is an Australian slang for moustache. The idea for ‘Movember’ was born in 2003 when TravisGarone and his mate Luke…
social entrepreneurship afghanistan
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Empowering Social Innovations, Entrepreneurship for better Afghanistan
Social entrepreneurs and innovators  in Afghanistan: Social innovation and entrepreneurship is a relatively new concept in Afghanistan. Here is how Shetab Afghanistan, a social enterprise is supporting social entrepreneurs and social innovators and their ventures in Afghanistan. The accelerators in Afghanistan: Shetab Afghanistan is co-founded by Azadeh Tajdar and Ajmal Paiman – ‘Shetab’ means ‘accelerate’ in Persian/Dari.The co-founders believe that Afghan entrepreneurs, social innovators and activists have the talent, drive and passion…
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How Womenpreneur supports women entrepreneurship in MENA region
As part of Social Enablers celebration of female entrepreneurs who are making real difference in their communities, we are profiling one of the inspiring social entrepreneurs “Sana Afouaiz” who shared with us her inspiring journey on why she created Womenpreneur Initiative as a way to foster women’s economic participation in the MENA region. Woman power Let’s listen to Sana on the social condition of her place which motivated her to…
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Global Citizen Music Festival where music meets with activism is all set to start
History supports the fact that art is always a prolific tool to spread a message. Global Citizen Festival proves it as well in the present global condition. Here’s what you need to know basically about this popular event in the world. What’s Global Citizen Music Festival?   It is one of the most unique events around the world where art and activism conjoins to create a positive change in the…
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Adapted from the excellent book The Art of Social Enterprise: Business as if People Mattered by Carl Frankel & Allen Bromberger, the follow 10 commandments are indisputable principles about how to beat the odds and excel at social enterprise. While they are broad, and can be applied to all entrepreneurs, they are specifically focused on social entrepreneurs and the challenges they face. They aren’t general guidelines to hazily consider embracing. In the words…
The 7 Best TED Talks To Ignite Your Inner Changemaker
With 2016 in full swing, it is now time to get back to work. However, that is often easier said than done – especially if you are trying to change the world. You may have already been tempted to call it quits and try again next year. One way to (re)ignite your passion to create social good is to immerse yourself in motivational content, like podcasts and videos of keynote…