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How Can We Unleash The Youth Power To Further The Mission Of Sustainable Development?
By now we’ve all heard of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations that were adopted by 193 of its member states. Be it the UN or the world leaders, the dream is one- to build a sustainable world that’ll be able to nourish all of its denizens. But the important question is, who will realize this dream and how? No matter how many organizations and leaders are…
Be A Storyteller – Transform The World, One Story At A Time. ( social entrepreneur)
Stories are the best vehicles to transfer ideas, enliven the thought process, and change one’s outlook on things. Thus, it is no doubt that storytelling can prove to be the greatest tool of social change and social impact. In fact, storytelling is a wildly popular trend now. It’s the secret ingredient to a successful business venture, the key to strengthening the organizational culture, the means to acquire support for advocacy…
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Change Makers
Empowering Social Innovations, Entrepreneurship for better Afghanistan
Social entrepreneurs and innovators  in Afghanistan: Social innovation and entrepreneurship is a relatively new concept in Afghanistan. Here is how Shetab Afghanistan, a social enterprise is supporting social entrepreneurs and social innovators and their ventures in Afghanistan. The accelerators in Afghanistan: Shetab Afghanistan is co-founded by Azadeh Tajdar and Ajmal Paiman – ‘Shetab’ means ‘accelerate’ in Persian/Dari.The co-founders believe that Afghan entrepreneurs, social innovators and activists have the talent, drive and passion…
Change Makers
Saida Ibrahimava’s Youth to Youth Initiative stands for social change in global youth community
Saida Ibrahimava, Co-founder and Director of Projects Development of Youth to Youth Initiative, continues to empower youth with her life while her venture aims to construct an effective environment for youth participation in the decision making process and community development. Saida has been active in the non-profit sector for last ten years and implemented more than twenty projects in the sphere of social inclusion, ICT’s, youth development, education, sport and…