Emerge As A Great Leader By Conjuring Up The Right Vision For Your Organization

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

Leadership isn’t an easy task. It comes with its own burdens and responsibilities. All the great leaders of the world harbored great visions. Each had the ability to discern what kind of future they wanted for the world and its denizens. Having a vision and being able to communicate that vision to his fellow beings is the mark of a true leader. Changemakers and social entrepreneurs need to find their vision and develop their organization based on that vision.

“In order to take the organization to the highest possible level, leaders must engage their people with a compelling and tangible vision,” said Warren Bennis, professor of business administration at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. But merely having a vision isn’t enough. You should be able to shape out a vision that is clear and inspirational, one that goes well with your core values. Without clarity, your team might find themselves in bewildering waters and not be able to reach their full potential.

What Is This ‘Vision’?

A vision signifies a transparent, precise and distinctive view of the future that is usually connected with the strategic advances for and the success of an organization. Good leaders are able to break down their vision in such a way that his fellow members can have a clear picture of what he has envisioned. It also fosters enthusiasm within them. One should never confuse vision for mission. A vision essentially maps out an organization’s direction, while its mission defines its purpose.

Why Is It So Essential To Have A Vision?

It acts as the guiding light

A leader is entrusted with the responsibility of guiding his organization to a secure future. You are the captain of your ship and your vision is the Promised Land. In mapping out the direction, your vision will highlight the key areas of that organization. No matter how hard the ship rocks, your vision will provide buoyancy to your organization.

It provides motivation and inspiration

Having your vision at the back of their minds, your teammates are bound to find motivation and the will to push themselves to reach that goal.

It helps to be focused

Your vision will keep your team focused on the bigger picture and help them not to get caught up in the mesh of life’s mundane stuff. It will allow them to be clear headed and work for the goal you have set for them.

How Can You Carve Out A Compelling Vision For Your Organization?

A well-crafted and compelling vision ensures a higher level of personal purpose within your team while simultaneously creating the pathway for deeper change and motivation. Here’s the recipe for creating a compelling vision for your teammates:


Try to see the bigger picture clearly and define your vision. You should be able to visualize the success that your vision can bring about in the future, about the benefits that it will reap for your organization. Always remember that with the right amount of dedication and commitment, no dream is too big or impossible to achieve.


After you’ve sketched out your vision, now your task will be to communicate the content of your vision as clearly as possible. Always remember to keep it simple. Choose your words carefully. They should be able to convey your message conveniently and at the same time,  they should be able to relate to your vision. Your vision should be such that it encompasses a promising future for your organization as well as the individuals behind it. It should be such that it each member develops a desire to dedicate themselves to walk the line of your values and principles.

Be credible

Your vision should be realistic. It needs to go with the flow of the everyday workings of your organization. It is also important to reevaluate your vision from time to time to stay in sync with the changing tides. It should be such that following your vision, your team can add value and meaning to your organization. Remember not to dictate the steps for achieving the vision, but instead, let your team find their own ways to get closer to your vision. This will not only make them self-reliant, but also proactive.

Encourage collaboration

For an organization to have maximum impact, it needs the full collaboration and support of the people within it. Your job as a leader is to spread the message of cooperation and collaboration among your teammates. A puzzle can only be solved when all the pieces are put in together. So, your vision can only be realized when the members of your organization can work as a “team” in every sense of the word. Your vision will bring about a unity of purpose, aligning the activities of the teammates and instilling within them a healthy working spirit.

In addition to these qualities, a deft leader is armed with what Daniel Goleman calls ‘emotional intelligence’: demonstrating self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skills. An able leader will be able to mobilize his resources and mold his team to complement his vision.