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Why waste food ? when you can give it to others

Yes, why to waste food when you can give it to others? With this very thought, Swarochish Goswami, the young Entrepreneur from Canada started FoodShare an iOS and Android application, that connects households, events, stores and restaurants having leftover and excess food with people in need of a more affordable and accessible food option along with other items like beer.

Indeed leftover food is a problem which every house, restaurant or store faces. Mostly when parties or get-together happen, there will be extra food left in every households. So why not use it for a better cause than wasting it? This exactly is the question for which FoodShare forms a solution.

How does FoodShare work?

The founder explains, “Our venture operates in a fairly simple way. Users can download the application or access the web interface through an Internet cafe for example. Once they are on, they can scan their area nearby to see if they are any people posting food or beverages for free (or for $1, $3, and $5). The giver can either provide their address to have the getter pick it up or can drop the items off at a drop off point (normally at grocery stores like Safeway).”

To ensure that the shared food is safe, there is a credibility rating system in the app. This is to keep a check on the food shared, so that people do not give bad or poisonous food. The app helps to prevent food wastage while assuring good food for the needy at minimal rates-Voila!

The young entrepreneur

It would be surprising to know, that the founder of FoodShare, Swarochish Goswami, is just 19 years old and has just entered into 2nd year of his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto.  However, entrepreneurship is not something new for this young businessman. He has been one since the age of 10 while being one of the founding curators of the world’s first youth social capital fund (World Youth Fund), and the world’s first youth driven policy called Millennial Council. He believes that entrepreneurship is in his blood as he started his first business at a tender age of 6. All though he confesses that it wasn’t an official one, but it was something he has always been an agog about.

Stunning Start

FoodShare has grown to become one of Toronto’s fastest growing youth startups within few months of it inception. The startup is now linked to six on campus incubators and accelerators and also is directly mentored by the Executive Director for Rotman Commerce (University of Toronto).

Although there was a legal issue arose regarding poisonous or unhealthy food being distributed but with the help of Norton Rose LLP and their pro-bono guidance, they have developed a legal strategy to circumvent legal responsibility.

The ambitious Swarochish is someone who always believe in his vision of changing the way we think of opportunities through social entrepreneurship and hence came up with something as good as FoodShare. His message to youth is simple: “We are the leaders of tomorrow, but we don’t need to wait till tomorrow to lead”. With this very enlightening and motivating quote he surely makes an inspiration to the youth today and we wish him all the very best for FoodShare.

Watch His TED Talk Here :