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In earlier days, people had to go to an actual photo studio to get good photos taken of them, or hire a professional photographer to help them take pictures. Even after all this hustle, it was never a guarantee that the photos will be perfect. However, with the introduction of smartphones, there is no excuse for failing to take perfect and high-quality photos.

How to take good Instagram photos on your phone

Everyone wants to have as many followers as possible on Instagram – and one of the surest ways to achieve this is by constantly uploading high-quality photos. Good Instagram photos will not only get you new followers, but they will also ensure that your previous followers stay interested in your posts. Having many Instagram followers has created some careers such as social media influencers, and Instagram models among others. Therefore, here is a complete guide on how to take good Instagram photos.

Use natural light


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The main aim of your Instagram photos is to look as natural as possible – and the best way to achieve this is by using natural lighting. No matter how good your flashlight is, it can never beat natural lighting when it comes to high-quality photos. Always make use of natural lighting as much as possible to ensure that you create Instagram photos that are both richer and brighter.

Avoid overexposing your images

It is always possible to brighten up a photo that appears to be too dark using some editing tools. However, nothing can fix a photo that is overexposed (too bright). To prevent overexposure, adjust the lighting on your screen by tapping and sliding your finger either up or down to adjust the exposure.

Use the right timing


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Timing is very crucial when it comes to taking good Instagram photos. Consider this; between a photo of a plain lake or that of the same lake at sunset at the exact moment when the sun rays touch the lake (or even ocean). Which one will look more beautiful? How about a picture of a lion at the exact moment that it captures its prey? The point is that the right timing can create some drama in the photo and greatly improve the quality of the picture. Avoid shooting under direct sunlight as this can be quite harsh on your photos. If you have to shoot at midday, make the clouds your friend since they help scatter the light.

Make use of the rule of thirds

When taking photos, divide your image into 3×3 grid lines to ensure that you center it. A simple way to do this is by turning on the grid lines on your phone. However, some off-center images can still look good as long as there is reasonable symmetry.

Consider your viewpoint


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There is a reason why some people travel all over the world so that they can get that perfect shot – either from the top of the highest mountain or while hanging on a cliff (don’t try this though). It’s because the viewpoint of a photo actually matters. Everyone lifts up their phones and take selfies from eye level, so how about breaking free from this norm. Try out different angles such as taking pics from above or below. This will instantly give a different perspective even to a simple setting.

Frame your subject

Zooming in with the camera of your phone is actually cropping your field of view. This will later limit your options when editing your photos. Creating some space around your focal point creates room for some interesting details that you might have missed or overlooked.

Draw in the viewer

In photography, the concept of “leading lines” refers to lines running through your image that add depth and lead the viewer to the focal point. These could be roads, buildings, trees, or other natural elements. Take note of these and use them to guide the viewer on where to look.

Add depth

It’s always easy to take camera and snap a close-up of a pineapple or a slice of pizza or a plate of exotic seafood. However, adding depth to a photo gives the viewer more areas to focus on. For example, instead of taking a photo of just one tulip with a plain background, how about taking a photo of a garden of tulips with a clear and sunny sky – and who knows? You might even be lucky enough to capture a bird flying by, or a bee landing on a flower.

Always be creative

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The power of creativity in photography should never be underestimated. For example, even though there are thousands – if not millions – of photos of people on the beach or on an island, there is still much room to be explored in terms of creativity. When different photographers are asked to take
pictures of models at the beach, the outcome will be very different. Some will choose to shoot the model swimming under water, some will ask her to pose and take a shot just when a big wave is about to hit her, some will focus more on the sand and not the water, while some will take a picture of the model and use her reflection in the ocean to create depth. This only goes to show that with photography, your creativity is limitless. Therefore, tap into your creativity by playing around with lighting, shadows, perspective, depth, and other concepts and see how fast you learn how to take good Instagram photos.

Top 10 Instagram Photo Ideas

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When looking for inspiration on taking good Instagram photos, some factors always come into play. You can choose to copy what other Instagram models are doing or focus on constantly learning how to take better Instagram photos. Here are some ideas to help give your Instagram account a face-lift.


Symmetry always brings a new twist to an otherwise plain photo. Whether it occurs directly in nature, or whether it is man-made it will always make a photo more appealing to look at. There is also the concept of breaking up the symmetry to make the photo more interesting and to create multiple focal points. For example, instead of taking a photo of only trees, how about a photo of a road or a bridge running between the trees?



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Everyone loves patterns! In fact, some Instagram accounts have attracted mass followings by just posting photos of various beautiful patterns. Whether it is the pattern of the tiles on the floor, or the pattern of the colorful walls in the room. You could also focus on the pattern of a particular fabric when taking a photo of a person. For example, they could be holding a patterned scarf, or wearing a skirt with an interesting pattern. Always look for the best way to make patterns work for you when taking photos. Another advantage of patterns is that they create texture in the photo.

Vibrant colors

Colors always make things more interesting to look at. They always automatically capture people’s attention and draw them into the photo. In fact, one of the most photographed places in the world is a village in South Africa where they have colorful houses. The best thing about vibrant colors is that they automatically create a background for your photos, and interest for the viewers. Think about this, Black and White Photos can be beautiful too. However, if you compare an account full of Black and White photos only with an account full of vibrant colors, the colorful account will look more interesting even if both accounts have the same photos. Whether it is the natural colors in the background or the color of your outfit, always take advantage of vibrant colors in your Instagram photos.


Given that people go on Instagram to be entertained by photos, strive to give them a smiling face whenever possible. Remind them that it’s not always that serious.

Candid Action


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It is always challenging to take a picture of a moving object – and this is what makes it more interesting. Instead of your usual pose, how about you try jumping and capture a photo of yourself mid-air. However, take many shots to increase your chances of capturing the perfect one. Don’t be afraid of some blurriness as long as it makes sense.

Detail Shots

This is mostly applicable when trying to sell an item. For example, you can take detailed shots of a wedding dress so that you can showcase the patterns and designs that might otherwise be overlooked by the viewer. Make sure that the focal point of the photo is on the detail that you want to showcase.

Captivating Backgrounds

The background of a photo always matters. You might get a great shot of yourself, but if the background is not appealing, you may never post that photo anywhere on the internet. On the other hand, if the background is appealing by itself, you might get away with a very simple photo. Captivating backgrounds are often applicable especially when posting products for sale.



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The quality of a photo always increases dramatically if there is a cute animal in it.


People can never get enough of food photography. Try taking advantage of any interesting object in your surroundings, take the photo from above, and always use natural lighting.


People are more intrigued by photos with people in them. For example, a photo of a model posing on the lakeside is likely to get more likes as opposed to a photo of just the lakeside. Therefore, take advantage of natural lighting and try out different angles until you get the perfect shot.

Final Words

If you’ve been wondering how to get more Instagram followers, worry no more. This is a complete guide on how to take Instagram photos both for beginners and pros. Start practicing these tips and tricks and before you know it, your career as a social media influencer will soon take off!

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